Cargo Transport

Evropská vodní doprava - Sped s.r.o. has been providing cargo shipping for 20 years.

The company boasts excellent technical equipment, highly qualified personnel and a modern fleet. We offer our transport and haulage services both domestically and on European waterways. We provide transport and services connected with cargo shipping to the most important European harbours.


  • domestic and international shipping and truck transportation of bulk, heavy and oversized items, capital equipment, containers, combined transportation, etc.
  • modern fleet
  • motor cargo vessels, barges, tugs, special vessels
  • transloading, warehousing, professional care and advisory in domestic and international freight forwarding
  • transport "from door to door"
  • chartered vessels
  • advisory in the area of boat transport
  • insurance of shipped goods
  • work using floating cranes and excavators
  • rental and handling of pontoons and platforms for construction equipment
  • work with floating carrier for Liebherr 935 excavator – dredging rivers and transloading of goods 


We have recently acquired a KOMATSU excavator used for:

  • modification of water flows
  • mining sediments from streams and rivers
  • dredging of waterways
  • construction work on waterways


  • cargo ship DICK + tow dinghy DICK 1
  • cargo ship BOHEMIA + tow dinghy BOHEMIA 2
  • cargo ship ALESSANDRO + tow dinghy ALESSANDRO 2
  • cargo ship ANDREA + tow dinghy ANDREA 2
  • cargo ship VERA + tow dinghy VERA 2
  • cargo ship PRAHA + tow dinghy PRAHA 2
  • cargo ship ALBIS
  • cargo ship SILJA
  • cargo ship SILJA 2
  • cargo ship SILJA 3
  • towboat RIO 2 + tow dinghy VIDA 10 + tow dinghy TČ 2
  • towboat TKR 1 + tow dinghy 1003
  • towboat TKR 2 + tow dinghy 1004
  • tow dinghy BOHEMIA 1
  • high-deck dinghy TČ 300
  • handling towboat KLÁRA
  • handling towboat VERA 3
  • FÍK 1 - floating excavator carrier with Liebherr 935 and extended arm


The registered office of the EVD cargo transport company is in Prague – Troja, Nad Vavrouškou 696/19.

This is in Prague 8, where there is no paid zone parking, meaning you should be able to park here without any problems.


Contact us at the telephone number indicated below or by email.

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